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We specialize in providing one-stop service for sea and land transportation of dangerous goods and general cargo in domestic and international market.


Logistics Services

Transportation, inventory management, warehousing, order fulfilment, and information flow coordination are all important parts of logistics services. The goal is to optimize these processes in order to reduce costs, improve delivery time, and boost overall customer happiness.

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Our warehousing services include inventory management, order processing, picking and packaging, and ensuring the security and quality of the stored co...


We provide services such as cargo space booking, shipping document preparation, customs clearance coordination, and information to both shippers and c...

Customs Clearance

Our customs clearance services include filling out customs forms, providing accurate product descriptions, computing tariffs, and dealing with any ins...


You may receive route planning, load optimization, tracking, and timely delivery by using our Trucking, making it an important component of the total ...

Export Import

In addition to serving the domestic market, we are also proud to facilitate seamless export and import processes worldwide. With the valuable support ...

DG Cargo

These are products or substances that, due to their intrinsic qualities, can endanger health, safety, property, or the environment while being transpo...

T11 ISO Tank

Compliant with global ISO regulations, the T11 ISO Tank with a capacity of 24 and 25 KL offers a seamless and secure solution for various industries, ...

T14 ISO Tank

This tank offers a robust and secure solution for the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids. Designed with a focus on safety and durab...

T75 ISO Tank

The T75 ISO Tank is a cutting-edge, industry-leading container designed for the secure and efficient transport of cryogenic liquids, specifically liqu...

T50 ISO Tank

The T50 ISO Tank is a specialised container designed for the secure and efficient transportation of compressed gases, primarily liquefied gases like p...

Square ISO Tank

With capacities of 29.880 litres that can vary depending on the specific design and manufacturer, Square ISO Tanks are versatile and suitable for a wi...

Trucking B3

Transportation of Hazardous and Toxic Waste (B3) is an activity involving the transportation, transfer, and delivery of waste from one Hazardous and T...

Oleochemical Supply

Oleochemicals are generated from triglycerides present in fats and oils, which are primarily sourced from plant oils (such as palm, coconut, soybean, and sunflower oils) and animal fats (such as tallow and lard). Oleochemicals include a wide range of compounds such as fatty acids, fatty alcohols, fatty acid esters, glycerin, and other derivatives. These substances are used in a variety of industries.

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Fatty Acid

This category includes Palmitic Acid, Lauric Acid, Stearic Acid, Capric Acid, Myristic Acid, Oleic Acid and other derivatives. They are widely used in...


This category includes Glycerin 95 - 99%. They are widely used in making pharmaceuticals and medical products, cosmetics and personal care products, d...

Fatty Alcohol

This category includes Octyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Decyl Alcohol and other derivatives. They are widely used in making lubricants a...


As one of the leading ISO Tank providers in Indonesia, we are renowned for our expertise in both DG (Dangerous Goods) and non-DG ISO Tank solutions. Our commitment to safety and meticulous separation ensures that we meet the specific requirements of each industry, upholding the highest standards.

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Food-Grade Isotank

Food-grade isotanks are used in the food and beverage industries to transport items such as edible oils, fruit juices, liquid sweeteners, and other li...

Chemical Isotank

We take pride in providing top-notch ISO Tank services to the chemical industry. With a strong emphasis on value integrity, we are dedicated to delive...

Gas Isotank

A gas Isotank is a specially built container for transporting and storing compressed or liquefied gases. These tanks carry a variety of gases, includi...

Cyrogenic Isotank

A cryogenic isotank is a specialised container built for transporting and storing extremely cold liquids or gases, often at temperatures below -150°C...


Depot isotanks provide a safe, standardised, and cost-effective method of transporting and storing bulk liquids and gases while complying with safety and environmental regulations.

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Our Isotank Depot is located 10 minutes from Belawan International Port and has been operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week since 2018. We are al...


Our second Isotank depot is in Surabaya, Indonesia, and has been functioning since 2019. We offer the best amenities and are always ready to assist ou...

Flexitank/ Flexibag & CTL Packaging

Our Cakraindo Thermal Liner ensures precise temperature control, safeguarding your cargo from temperature variations during transit. and with our Flexibag/Flexitank your liquid cargo is safely transported in a secure, sealed environment, reducing the risk of contamination and spills.

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A flexible and efficient method for delivering non-hazardous liquid items in regular shipping containers, Flexibag can be used often due to its low co...

Heating Pad

A heating pad in a container serves the purpose of providing a safe, protected, and pleasant heating solution. The container housing the heating pad g...

CTL Liner

CTL, or Cakraindo Thermal Liner, is a specialised lining that may be put inside shipping containers to offer temperature control and insulation while ...

Dry Bulk Liner

The purpose of a dry bulk liner in a container is to provide a protective barrier and to assist in the safe and efficient transport of dry bulk goods....

CTL Packaging

These packaging solutions provide a versatile and cost-effective approach to transport temperature-sensitive cargo in ordinary dry shipping containers...
about us

Trusted Chemical Supply Chain Services for Domestic and International Markets

PT Cakraindo Mitra Internasional is a leading chemical supply chain service provider in Indonesia. Our company provides one-stop service for sea and land transportation of dangerous goods and general cargo in domestic and international market.

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Empowering Customers in Multiple Industry Sectors

We offer various industry sectors dedicated end-to-end supply chain expertise and understand the challenges and characteristics of each industry.

Chemicals & Petrochemicals

We provide comprehensive solutions for the chemical and petrochemical industry, offering safe and efficient transportation.


Food & Beverage

With a focus on maintaining product integrity, we cater to the food and beverage industry by offering ISO tank services.


Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

We provide secure transportation of pharmaceuticals, APIs, and healthcare products.



We take great pride in being the leading logistics company with extensive regional expertise. Cakraindo is dedicated to devising innovative solutions the cater to the diverse needs of our customers across the entire supply chain.


Oil and Gas

At our company, we are proud to offer specialized services for transporting chemicals related to the oil and gas industry. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our dedicated fleet ensures strict adherence to industry regulations while enabling smooth and efficient logistics operations.


Agriculture and Agrochemicals

We specialize in providing transportation services tailored specifically for the agriculture and agrochemical industries. Our expertise lies in efficiently transporting liquid fertilizer and pesticides such as urea ammonium nitrate (UAN).


National and International Certification

National and International certifications are essential for business continuity because they guarantee
compliance, boost reputation, reduce risks, and increase overall resilience.

B3 DISHUB SK.1210/AJ.309/DJPD/2018
B3 KLHK S.556/PB3/PTB3/PLB.1/8/2022
ISO 9001:2015 QMS/2309234
ISO 14001:2015 EMS/2309234
ISO 45001:2018 HSMS/2309234
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Press Release Apr 18, 2024

Ensuring Secure Shipments

Cakraindo Introduces Innovations to Prevent Cargo Loss [Jakarta, April 18, 2024] PT. Cakraindo Mitra Internasional, a leading name in logistics and shipment solutions, is proud to announce its...

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