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Trusted Liquid Supply Chain and Logistics Services for Domestic and International Markets

PT Cakraindo Mitra Internasional is a leading chemical supply chain service provider in Indonesia. Our company provides one-stop service for sea and land transportation of dangerous goods and general cargo in domestic and international market.

We focused on the logistics and supply of liquid chemicals, gas, fuel, and food products and specialized in safe bulk movement. We value and provide our clients with high-quality, competitive, and safe operations.

PT. Cakraindo Mitra Internasional

PT Cakraindo Mitra Internasional was established in 2003, making it over 20 years old. PT Cakraindo Mitra Internasional began with oil and chemical trade, then extended into logistics for import-export needs, ISO tanks, depo services, warehousing, custom brokerage freight forwarding, all One-Stop Solutions.We handle cargo containing hazardous liquids or dangerous goods, so security and distribution timeliness are of the utmost significance. We have a powerful fleet and a very quick after-sales service.

We prioritize ongoing training and education for our staff and business partners in order to realize our goal of ethical and compliant logistics operations. This includes keeping current on regulatory and industry standard changes as well as reinforcing our company’s code of conduct and values. Furthermore, we maintain open contact lines so that any concerns or potential infractions can be notified and resolved as soon as possible. We hope to achieve not only legal compliance but also the trust and loyalty of our clients and stakeholders by cultivating an integrity and compliance culture.


Our vision

Be the role model and the first choice of customers in total liquid supply chain and logistic solutions for both local and overseas market through innovative and committed attributes.

Our mission

Provide efficient and reliable logistics solutions to our clients, listen and cater the needs of customers to solve their supply chain issues for cost effectiveness, full safety and timely delivery with local knowledge and overseas, while continuously improving our operations to achieve sustainable growth.


Living our values

At Cakraindo, we have always explored new frontiers and embraced new technologies because we see change as an opportunity.

The challenges we face today are of greater complexity than ever, but the opportunities they present are greater still. No matter the challenge, we stay optimistic and resilient because our values are constant.

And by living our values, we inspire trust in our efforts to integrate the world.



We are doing our best with what we have and are constantly striving to improve.


Customer Focus

Dedicated to meeting the demands of customers and providing the best possible service.


Reliable and Responsiveness

Build customer trust and keep it burning, ready to serve and respond to our valued customers.



Keep consistent with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.



Recognizing and addressing the unique needs and circumstances, ensuring fairness and justice in the pursuit of a truly inclusive and harmonious society.



Together, we can achieve far more than we ever could alone, unlocking the true power of synergy and collaboration.

Our logistics company is committed to upholding the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and compliance.

We believe that by implementing a comprehensive compliance program, we can ensure that our operations are conducted in a legal, ethical, and responsible manner, and that we can earn the trust and confidence of our employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Join our great team!

At Cakraindo, we value individuals who share our commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and compliance. We strive to create a workplace culture that encourages accountability, respect, and excellence, and we believe that investing in our employees is key to our success.

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